Your career guidance.
For many, this is an important issue and I am happy to help you determine your talents and abilities.
In my professional testing, the questions themselves are selected so that your brain continues to search for solutions even after many days. And this is the most valuable.
The price of this unique development for professional testing of adults, adolescents and children is only 1,500 rubles. For this money you can save the years of your life. Believe me, it’s worth it!
Another great advantage – my professional orientation – is truly lively. The professional test is improved and passed every day, my quality revision. Everyone who has tested for a fee, become regular users and subsequently gain access to the updated version – without additional payment.

I do my work efficiently and with love, and therefore I want to become more and more each time.
With all my heart I wish you success in choosing your path and destination!

From August 16 to August 18, the Peace Festival was successfully held

From August 16 to August 18, the Festival took place in Milenki
development, culture and creativity DAWN OF THE WORLD!

I am happy to invite everyone!
The festival is filled with kind and developing creativity,
master classes, self-knowledge practices, games, dances, demonstrations by masters, songs of the Solar PEOPLE and creative groups, an atmosphere of Love and Goodness, unity and mutual understanding in harmony with Nature, in harmony with each other.

• We see the festival “Dawn of the World” as a good holiday of co-creation and creation.
This is a non-profit project, so all the organizers and teachers work with inspiration from the Soul.
Ticket price from 250 rubles.